If Movies Were Rated Based On Their Actors, Then The Movies Survival of the Dead, Citizen Duane, Saw VI, Adoration, And The Two Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movies Are Probably The Best Movies Ever

Ok, you've got to admit that was a really corny title and a pretty long one too, but really I'm seriously serious here. I watched the Diary of a Wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules last night with my family. There were only probably about 12 people in the movie house (including me and my family) , and this was only the 2nd day of showing! Most people were watching Rio, I guess, well their loss! Among the viewers were me and my family, an old lady, and a group of teenagers who laughed real loud at every funny part in the movie, and a bunch of other people who were'nt significant enough for me to remember. I really did enjoy it though, even if my family didn't much, (they wanted to watch Rio, why does everyone want to watch Rio?!). Anyways after the movie, my we were looking at the movie poster again when my mom commented: That guy looks familiar (Devon Bostick) and i wanted to say: well he was in the movies Survival of the Dead, Citizen Duane, Saw VI , Adoration, and the TV show Being Erica as Leo the strange, so you probably saw him from one of those. But there was no way I was going to say that!So I just kept my mouth shut and smiled it like Mona Lisa.

Anyways Im going to be blogging about the 5 things that remind me of Devon Bostick :

1.Bostik glue stick 

Come on, Bostik? BOSTICK?Its pronounced the same, and to a pretty bad speller, its spelled the same. This was the first thing I thought of the first time I saw his name and I'm probably going to buy this the next time I pass by an Office supply store.

2.My younger siblings
I have 2 younger siblings, one girl and one boy. Though I don't treat them as  Rodrick does, and I don't have any sibling rivalries like they do. But I still remember Rodrick and all his coolness in the Diary of a Wimpy kid 2 and can't help wanting to bully them just because he did.

3.Cat's eyes

Devon Bostick's eyes have this sort of edge to them.You know, like cats do. I don't know about you, but I like cats, and I have two Siamese cats at home. And seeing his eyes for the first time really caught my attention. Talk about Mrrrrrrrrrow!



Goofy reminds me of Devon Bostick because in most of his interviews, I've read that he says that he's a really goofy guy!

5.Right now, just about everything

Well you have to admit it, when you're addicted to someone or somebody, absolutely everything reminds you of that someone or somebody. Look to my left and see books on a bookshelf? I remember how he liked to write scripts when he was younger. Look to my right and see a blue painted wall? I remember the scene in Diary of a Wimpy kid 2 where Rodrick said: But I don't know how to make paint!Look up and see the bottom of the top deck bed? I remember my sister, which is explained in number 2 ^^^^. Look down at my laptop? I remember that I have to go stalk Devon Bostick some more :)))))))

-Tysey Ribas

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