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I love movies from the past. From the '70s to the '90s, I look them up, cross my fingers (and toes) that they're available online, download them, watch them then ask why I was born near the end of the '90s. Chick flicks and romantic comedies back then were so lively and dreamlike. They made the most popular guy in school fall in love with the art geek in She's All That, with the sophomore in Sixteen Candles, with the feisty girl with the most awesome best friend in the world in Pretty in Pink. They even made girls to ooh and ahh over rebels and bad boys! And as much as I love pretending to be the leading lady in retro movies, I also enjoy swooning at the boys. Yes, I totally do and I want to share:

My Top 9 Most Adorable/Charming/Handsome Guys In Movies From The '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s

9. Romeo Montague 
Romeo And Juliet (1968)

Come on, he's Romeo. I think he deserves a spot in this list for being the epitome of a romantic guy. 
Although, I don't really like the whole dying at the end thing, I can't deny the fact that Leonard Whiting is very handsome. This 60's Zac Efron earned the 9th spot.

8. Alex DeLarge
A Clockwork Orange (1971)

He's one scary guy but his eyes are just gorgeous! I got the same vibe from Cillian Murphy in Red Eye. They're both clearly sick in the head, but when I watched A Clockwork Orange, I couldn't help but be transfixed on Alex. He was just so darn funny and...weird. 

His acting was so good that he made me cringe in my seat while watching. Yes, he didn't do anything worth gushing over to your girlfriends but he DID made blood gush out of people in the movie, if that counts haha.

7. Tyler Durden/Narrator
Fight Club (1999)

What can I say? They're the most bad ass tandem I've ever seen. Fight Club is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not only does it make you feel like your brain's been friend but the amount of topless scenes and fighting scenes was just ridiculously and amazingly plenty. The last scene with him and Marla Singer watching the buildings collapse was the only romantic part in this movie and boy was it the best part! Tyler Durden/Narrator surely is the hottest soap/cult-making dreamboat. 

6. Jim Stark
Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

I loved him during that scene in the planetarium before Pluto died with him acting like a hostage interrogator -he seemed so chill and suave- and when Pluto died. All the man-crying was so raw and so sad that it made me want to go hug him tight and pat his back.

5. Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Reasons Why Ferris Bueller Is A Good Boyfriend:
1. If you want to skip school, he'll have you out of it by 2nd period and with a legit excuse. 
2. He'd kiss you even if he's acting as your dad. True love conquers all.
3. He knows everybody! You've got connections everywhere. 
4. He's a clever guy and a good actor. You want to eat a fancy restaurant while taking a sausage-maker's reservation? Sure thang!
5. He's also a very very very good best friend. 

BONUS! Good-looking Charlie Sheen as a bad guy in jail.
 I read it on imdb how he was asked to stay up for 48 hours to pull off that drug user look.
Talk about hard work!

4. Trip Fontaine
The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Trip Fontaine is every high school girl's dream guy. He's got the looks, the height, the body and too much hair. The scene where he glided down the halls with his jacket slung over one shoulder was seriously how I imagine cool guys walk down the hallway in their schools. It looked like it was straight from a teenager's imagination.

3. Phil 'Duckie' Dale
Pretty In Pink (1986)

Duckie's the ultimate boy friend! Yes, the best friend that is a boy. He's super funny, and ultra sweet and even though Andie didn't choose her in the end, he didn't become a jerk! And dear Lord, his style is divine. I love his outfits throughout the entire movie, it's too bad he didn't end up with Andie, because they would have made the best dressed couple in the history of American films.

2. Jake Ryan
Sixteen Candles (1984)

Jake Ryan is perfect. Spell prince charming? J-A-K-E R-Y-AN. His perfectness lives on that even Hannah Montana's leading man's named Jake Ryan! 

This picture is too adorable to be not posted!

And for our number one we have none other than...

1. Keith Nelson
Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987)

Keith Nelson. Keith Nelson. Keith Nelson. Keith Nelson. Keith Nelson. 

He's not perfect like Jake Ryan and that's what makes him perfect to me! He's so handsome, especially those eyes and those luscious lips. His nose is so straight and don't get me started on his wonderful jaw. He's tall. His hair is long and just makes me want to run my hands through it, plus its this chocolate brown color and its curly at the ends. He wears clothes that are so laid back that he seems like a chill guy. Plus, he's an artist! A pretty good one tbh. He's just a nice guy that knows how to fix cars and paint! I love that he wants to do what is right and I love that he's so strong that he'd rather be an outcast rather than be fake. 
He is seriously my dream guy ooh lala. 

Dear Lord

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